We manufacture machined parts, assemblies and industrial tools from CDC,
2D or CAD plans

Our work process can be summed up in seven main phases, each of which is treated with great attention by the required competence.


For each project, specifications are drawn up with the client in order to guarantee good results.

CAD Design product - process

Our design office designs its parts in accordance with “design-to-quality” and “design-to-cost” rules. Right from the start, the rules for “getting it right the first time” are built into the design


Our production means are designed to achieve precision of 1 / 100mm and up to 1 micron for grinding

Quality control

The self-checking of our operators is coupled with a check on our three-dimensional measuring machines and other high-precision equipment

Packing and delivery

We deliver parts to our customers on time and with required requirements

Mecatech Industrie

Precision machining is our business …

We will follow our customers from the study phase until the realization of their parts and tools by qualified staff and modern technical means to transform metal and various other materials